About Trust

Al-Ameen Charitable Fund Trust, Bangalore, a charitable organization was founded by the great visionary and philanthropist Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan at Bangalore in1979 with group of leading Muslim personalities.The aim of the Al-Ameen Charitable Fund Trust is to establish educational (General and Professional) institutions and welfare organizations principally for the benefit of Muslim community and other under priveleged persons. Bijapur is one of the educationally and economically backward districts of Karnataka where Muslim population is sizable. For this  reason the Medical College, Dental College and Nursing School were established at this historical city of the Great Adil Shahies.
Al-Ameen Charitable Fund Trust has also  various educational institution viz : Primary Schools, High Schools, Junior Colleges, Degree Colleges, College of education, College of Pharmacy, Engineering College, Technical Training Institutes, Scholarship Fund, Law College and Hospitals and orphanages through out the length and breadth of the country.
Today all the institutions of Al-Ameen Charitable Fund Trust reflect a modern hi-tech vision with the spirit of secularism in the field of education to build India as a strong Nation in the world.

The following is the new Board of Trustees constituted at its meeting held on 29th November, 2003.


Board of Trustees:
Mr. Ziaulla Sheriff President
Mr. K.Rahman Khan Vice President
Mr. Yunus Zia Secretary
Mrs.Sayeeda Hina Ahmed Treasurer
Mr. Riaz G Faruqui Trustee
Mr. M.Maqbool Hussain Trustee
Mr. A.R.Kamruddin Trustee
Mr. Kamal Faruqui Trustee
Mr. Feroze Abdullah Trustee