Al-Ameen Medical College provides the following courses:

Seats sanctioned by MCI, New Delhi

MBBS - 100 (2015)
            - 150  (2016)

 Post Graduate seats sanctioned by MCI, New Delhi 

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1. Every MBBS students shall undergo a period of certified study extended over 4 academic years from the date of commencement of his/her study for the subjects comprising the medical curriculum to the date of completion to the examination followed by one year Compulsory Roating Internship, which includes 06 months in rural posting and 06 months long posting After passing the final MBBS examination students must have temporary registration from Karnataka Medical Council and full registration after completing the one year internship.

2. The first 12 months will include Phase I (pre Clinical ) and no students will be allowed to enter the Phase II unless he/she clears Phase I. He/She is permitted to have 4 attempts spread over or three years from date of admission whichever is earlier.

3. After the Pre-clinical subjects Para-clinical subjects will be taught with clinical subject and last 18 months clinical subjects

Scheme of MBBS Examination:

MBBS Phase I Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry At the end of First 12 months
MBBS Phase II Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology and Forensic Medicine At the end of Second 18 months
MBBS Phase III Part I Community Medicine,ENT and Opthalmology One year after Phase II(Total period is 12 months)
MBBS Phase III Part II Medicine,Surgery,Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics 12 months afer Phase III, Part I( Total teaching period 4 years)

Patterns of MBBS Examination

Candidate have to pass all I phase subjects before entering II phase.Candidates entering Phase will take examination in Pharmacology, Pathology, microbiology and Forensic Medicine at the end of 18 months: Successful candidates who have passed all the subjects of Phase II (at the end of 18 months) will appear for (a) ENT and Ophthalogy and (b) Community Medicine at the end of 12 months at Phase III, Part I Examination.
no Candidate shall be allowed for Phase III,Part I examination unless he/she passed all the subjects of Phase II (No carry over benifit).A candidate failing in one or more subjects of Phase III,part I, and that of appearing of Part III, Part II unless he/she has cleared all subjects of Phase III Part I ( no carry over benefit ).


All the courses are affiliated by Rajiv Ghandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore.
MD/MS in different branches of Medicine are 03 years course with dissertation.Diplomas in diffferent diciplines are 02 years without dissertation.All the Post Gradute students have to present "Journal Club" and "Seminar" regularly. Apart from these, they have to go inter departmental posting during their course. End of every year they have to appear intra departmental examinations.
Immediate after admission to the Post Graduate curse, they have to submit synopsis within 06 monhs to the University .
The MS / MD students have to submit their dissertation 06 months before they appear Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences examination.


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