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Al-Ameen Medical College Hospital


Al-Ameen Medical college Hospital (AMCH) is situated in the periphery of Bijapur city near historical "Sangeet Mahal" of the then Adil Shahi Kingdom.. It is linked to all parts of the city by public transport systems such as KSRTC bus, Auto Rickshaw and Mini cabs.

The Hospital has facilities for all the medical investigations like histopathology, cytology, hematology, biochemistry, serology, microbiology, radiology including ultrasound and computed tomography, electroencephalogram, audiometry, endoscopy etc. medical Intensive Care, Intensive Coronary Care facilities are available. Apart from these a full fledged Blood Bank and a Trauma center run round the clock.

Special Room: There are a total of special rooms available in the hospital. They have an attached toilet, a telephone and has a provision for the stay of an attendant. They are allotted on the recommendation of the treating consultant directly from OPD or by transfer from a general ward. Operation fee and other fees are charged as decided by the Hospital Board of Management from time to time.

There are five Operation Theatres (OT) in the hospital which includes one General Surgery OT, one Orthopedic OT, one ENT OT and one Ophthalmology OT. Obstetrics & Gynecology OT is in the separate Al-Ameen Women & Children Hospital.

Intensive Care Units: Intensive Care Units of this hospital regulates Medicine and Surgery division. All these intensive care units and Operation Theatres are connected with Central Gas line which is located in the ground floor of the hospital.

There are facilities for Physiotherapy for OPD and indoor patients in the Departments of Orthopedics, Paraplegia Unit General Medicine unit and Surgery. Facilities are available for Dermatotherapy under the supervision of Dermatology unit.

Emergency Pathology Services for indoor patients operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Besides this, all routine pathological tests are done between 10 am and 5 pm in the Department of Pathology under Dr.A.M.Patil [Phones: 270055 Extn. (O); (R)] and all microbiological tests in the Department of Microbiology under Dr.Altaf Quadri [Phones: 270055 Extn (O); (R)]. Round the clock X-Ray and CT scan services are available for both outdoor and indoor patients under the supervision of Dr.Ramesh Mankade [ Tel. ]

An Artificial Limb Center functions under the supervision of Department of Orthopedic.

Ambulances are available round the clock for patients. Ambulance can be arranged through the Medical Superidentent of the hospital. Phone: / PBX Ext 208.

Meals: The hospital provides meals free of cost to all poor and destitute patients as per the recommendation of the treating physician. patients every day.

1. Only breakfast - includes milk and bread.

2. Full vegetarian - Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with south Indian food (one vegetable, dal, rice/roti).

3. Only milk diet - one packet of 500 ml for patients on tube feeds

4. Besides these there a limited number of special diets eg. egg, butter and extra diet is given to very needy and poor patients on the specific recommendation of the treating physician.

The hospital also has a PABX telephone system which has extensions to almost all important wards and departments. A Public Call Office for round the clock outstation and local phone calls, one 24 hour running medical shop are also available in the hospital.

Dr. S.M. Rashinkar, MS (ENT)
(W) 91-8352-270251
(R) 91-8352-252660
(F) 91-8352-270251
E-mail : drrashinkarsm@gmail.com

Name of the Vice Chancellor (RGUHS) : Dr. S. Sacchidanand
Name of the Registrar (RGUHS): Shri. Shivanand Kapashi

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The following are the members of the faculty



Educational Qualification

Dr. Satish M Rashinkar Medical Superidentent MS ENT
Dr. Mrs. V.A. Thobbi Dy. Medical Superidentent MD OBG
Dr. Irfan M. Itagi C.M.O MBBS
Dr. Adnan S. Anwar C.M.O MBBS
Dr. Atiqur Rehman C.M.O MBBS
Dr. Mohammed Rehan Inamadar C.M.O MBBS

Hospital PBX: 91-8352-270250/270113/270253
Dean, Al-Ameen Medical College Hospital: 91-8352-270251 (Tele Fax)

Important Phone Numbers
Deputy Superintendent (Adm) 91-8352-270252
Hospital PBX 91-8352-270250/270113/270253
Casualty Medical Officer Extn : 202
ICCU Extn : 323
Casualty and Trauma Center
OT Extn : 313
General Medicine Extn : 319 & 320
General Surgery Extn : 317
Neurosurgery Extn : 309
Orthopedic Surgery Extn : 253
Radiodiagnosis Extn : 318 & 233
C T Scan Extn : 260
Pathology Extn : 230
Biochemistry Extn : 315
Physiotherapy Extn : 314
Ophthalmology Extn : 211
Pharmacy Extn : 321
Anesthesia Extn : 201
ENT Extn : 259

The following are the Non Teaching Staff




Mr. R.M. Soudagar PRO AMCH
Telephone (PBX)
Mr.Anwar Bhandari Tele-operator Pharmacology
Mr.Ryavanna.Madivalar Attendar AMCH
Mr.Ashok.Biradar Attendar AMCH
Mr. Mehboob. Nimbal Attendar AMCH
Mr. Yallappa.G.Gajenavar Attendar AMCH
Mr. Anis Pasha.Qureshi Attendar AMCH
Mr. Suresh. S. Jadhav Attendar AMCH
Mr. Rafiq Ahmed.Jagirdar Attendar AMCH
Mr. Aslam.Byadagi Attendar AMCH
Mr. Dawal Malik.Kaladgi Attendar AMCH
Mr. Khajapatel. Sutar Attendar AMCH
Mr.Rizwan.Jagirdar Attendar AMCH
Mr.Abdulrazak.Junedi Attendar AMCH
Mr.Gudusab.Pathan Attendar AMCH
Mr.Asadullah.Inamdar Attendar AMCH
Mr. Sunil Arkeri Attender AMCH
Smt.Indumati Jituri Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Smt.Muneera Begum Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Smt.Shahenaj Attar Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Laxmibai Dhuturgi Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Haseena Gulbarga Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Jainabbi Turki Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Maheboobbi Mujawar Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Noorjahanbi Benal Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Ayesha Tikotikar Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Mahaboobbi Bagwan Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Prema.S.Salgal Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Renka. A.Salgal Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Shantabai.Hadimani Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs.Parveen.Mulla Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Arifa. Dange Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Shakuntala.Jadhav Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Chandrabai.Sonnad Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Mahaboobi.Makandar Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Anasuya.Kase Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs.Bismilla.Goundi Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs.Banubi.Nandihal Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Julekha Mulla Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Fathima Hukrani Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Abeda Inamdar Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Munera Tashewale Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mrs. Indirabai Melinmani Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Mr.Mahaboob Farooqabad Scavanger AMCH
Mr.Moulali Kaladagi Scavanger AMCH
Mr. Ganapatil. Londe Scavenger AMCH
Mr. Zameer. B. Shaikh Scavenger AMCH
Mrs. Shakuntala Patre Scavenger AMCH
Mrs. Sumitra Hadimani Scavenger AMCH
Mr. Mehboob. Kaladagi Barbar AMCH
Mr.Bandenawaz.Kaladgi Barbar AMCH
Miss. Dafiya.M.Aralimatti Nursing Assistant AMCH
Miss.Shabana.Pattewale Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Parashuram.Kalal Nursing Assistant AMCH
Miss.Taiseen Jamadar Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Manjunath.Prachande Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Pramood.S.Walikar Nursing Assistant AMCH
Miss.Shahirabanu.A.Hunnutagi Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Anil.C.Hosmani Nursing Assistant AMCH
Miss.Shridevi.Kakkalmeli Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Munnawar Pasha Nursing Asst AMCH
Miss.Reshma.B.N. Nursing Asst AMCH
Mr.Rafeeq Nagarboudi Pharmacist AMCH
Miss.Saira Desai SDC AMCH
Mrs.Mahejabeen.M.Kaladagi SDC AMCH
Mr.Peersab.Jirgal Attender AMCH
Mr. Suresh.Hugar Attender AMCH
Mr. Sayed.Husaini Attender AMCH
Mr.Maheboob.P.Mujawar Attender AMCH
Mr.Zakir Hussain Halli Attender AMCH
Mrs.Kurshid.Banu Aya / Sweeper AMCH
Mrs.Ashabi Ganiyar Aya / Sweeper AMCH
Mrs.Gangauwa.Ganjannawar Aya / Sweeper AMCH
Mrs.Husna Darga Trainee Comp. Op. AMCH
Mr.Nayeem H Shaikh Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Imtiyaj Kottalgi Nursing Assistant AMCH
Ms.Tahaseen Momin Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mrs.Ishrat.M.Kagajkoti Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mrs.Shabana Pathan Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mrs.Shahina Kudchi, MSW AMCH
Mr.R.M.Soudagar PRO AMCH
Mr.R.K.Makandar FDC AMCH
Mr.Mohd.Yusuf Nagod Electrician AMCH
Mr.K.A.Mulla Artist AMCH
Mr.Gulam Inamdar SDC AMCH
Mr.Syed Naseeruddin TCC AMCH
Mr.Yaseen.Gulbarga SDC AMCH
Mr.R.K.Tamba Attender AMCH
Mr.Kasim Kaladagi Attender AMCH
Mr.S.G.Mulla Attender AMCH
Mr.R.P.Deshpande Attender AMCH
Mr.H.M.Makandar Attender AMCH
Mr.N.R.Padeknur Attender AMCH
Mr.Shivagond Kudari Attender AMCH
Mrs.Kamalabai Gavari Sweeper AMCH
Mr.Maqtum Bagwan Driver AMCH
Mr.Noor Ahmed Kazi Driver AMCH
Mr.Abdul Rasheed Ferozabad Driver AMCH
Mr.Khalid Mujawar Driver AMCH
Mr.Gulam Malagi Attender AMCH
Mrs.Rameeza Patel Aya/Sweeper AMCH
Miss.Pyanbiurf Parveen Shaikh SDC AMCH
Mrs.Shamshad Dafedar Office Asst AMCH
Mrs.Shiney Staff Nurse AMCH


Mr.I.K.Manik Nursing Supdt. AMCH
Mrs.K.B.Rathod Nursing Supervisor AMCH
Mr.B.S.Patil Nursing Supervisor AMCH
Mrs.G.G.Chandapur Nursing Supervisor AMCH
Mrs.S.M.Chimmalagi Nursing Supervisor AMCH
Mr. K.C. Mohanty ALC Cons. (Part Time) AMCH
Dr.Irfan Itagi CMO AMCH


Mrs.Zarina Indikar Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mrs.Victoria.Samuel Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mrs.Naseema Onti Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Akeel Ahmed Nidgundi Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Md.Gouse Honnyal Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Najeer Hussain Mullal Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Md.Ismail Patel Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Waseem Darga Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr.Avinash Awati Nursing Assistant AMCH
Mr. Saleem Baxi Laundry Attender AMCH
Mr.Shankarappa.G.Biradar Nursing Assistant AMCH